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Winner Best Short Documentary at Antenna International Documentary Film Festival 2012.
Highly commended at F4 festival as part of AIDC 2013 (Australian International Documentary Conference)
Directed, filmed and produced in South Africa by Leonie Blignaut, this short documentary is currently being screened on the festival circuit.
Synopsis: In the tiny town of Matjiesfontein, winter Saturday mornings are spent staring at the sky, awaiting the arrival of winged competitors in one of the world's most unique races. Pigeon-racing has been part of the community here for decades, and what the racers lack in financial terms they make up for in passion. "People you can't always trust, but your pigeon you can," says Ben Herder, who splits his time between pigeon-training sessions and working as a porter in the Lord Milner Hotel, across the tracks from the town. In a starkly beautiful landscape these men find camaraderie as members of the only pigeon racing club in South Africa where the race is finished by humans on foot.



Russ Foundation Children's Home

Here is a little film I made for Russ Foundation in Tamil Nadu, India. 

RUSS FOUNDATION is a charity, registered as a non-profit organization under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act in India. Since its inception in the year 1992, it has developed into a dynamic organization with a history of bringing vital changes in the community it serves. Russ Foundation concentrates its developmental efforts at the grass-root level in sectors like Health, HIV/AIDS, Education, Socio-economic development, Life-skill Vocational Training and Ecology.

Russ Foundation is focused to create sustainable and culturally relevant solutions by enabling communities to break the longstanding obstacles for their development. The primary object of Russ Foundation is to improve the quality of life of the children, women and the community at large.



Lost & Found

Welcome to a travel show with a purpose.

Lost&Found follows a bumbling adventurer on a global quest for treasure.

His name? ‘The Finder’. His mission? To go wherever it takes… to find whatever you want.

Enjoy this teaser, filmed & directed by Leonie Blignaut, written and hosted by Nick Long. 


Precious Little

Precious Little brings together students’ drawings from three very different schools in Africa – one in Kenya, one in Tanzania, and one in South Africa. The exhibition was accompanied by my photography. We raised enough money to build a classroom in Rombo, Kenya and buy 2 cows for the school in Tanzania - now the kids have milk for their breakfast porridge everyday. 

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